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Diluvium est nobis.


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A little about the origins of the Data Diluvium Project comes from two simple things I wanted. I’m going to assume others may find this useful also. This is the reason I’m moving forward with it from inception as open source software under a basic Apache-2.0 License.

  1. A way to generate random data that could be useful for a host of things; testing, data load, sample development, user interface setup, and other related things. You know, basically for everything where you need data to complete a development task efficiently but there usually isn’t any. Combine that with the intent and desire to have that data easily generated from a configuration file and inserted into a database or into a file format of my own preference. That’s what I, the prospective initial end user, wanted.

  2. A project that I could focus and write about, learn ways to implement with Go (while I went about learning the language and tool stack) and also a way to write about other tangential ideas that would have a good core project to reference. This is the other simple thing that I wanted.

Two simple things that actually lead to a full on project that actually has a little bit of complexity to it. In the coming blog articles I’ll be writing about the development efforts, issues, and implementation details of the effort.

If you want updates and related details, follow the Twitter account @datadiluvium.

Until the next update, cheers! @Adron


Data Diluvium:

  • More features and information coming soon for the data generation service.


  • More features and information coming soon for the CLI.